Indonesia 2012: Coutinho, Crisetig at Inter Village


Autographs and pictures with the fans, keep-ups with the kids

JAKARTA - Philippe Coutinho and Lorenzo Crisetig popped into Inter Village shortly after 10:00 this morning to spend some time with the Indonesian fans.

Their visit began with a photo and autograph session at the Inter Museum: the two Nerazzurri posed with fans alongside the Champions League trophy and Club World Cup won in Madrid and Abu Dhabi respectively in front of classic jerseys worn by Armando Picchi and Benito Lorenzi.

Coutinho and Crisetig were then interviewed by RTCI and, before returning to the hotel, found some time to show off their skills with a few keep-ups on one of the mini-pitches set up at the Village - to the delight of the many kids present.

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