Sky Sport: exclusive interview with Stramaccioni


"Sneijder is my number 10, untouchable. President Moratti charges me up when he tells me..."

PINZOLO - After the afternoon training session, Andrea Stramaccioni gave an exclusive interview to Andrea Paventi of Sky Sport Italia.

Taking stock and looking to the future, but thinking back to what has been the most important thing that has happened to him since taking over Inter's first team: "I've already said that the most satisfying thing is having received the president's great faith in me. In Italian football, the media circus is important. In my opinion the coach has to be first to assume his responsibilities, and that's how I am outside of the sport as well. The idea of Stramaccioni's Inter? Of course I like it, but it also increases the sense of responsibility and pressure. But this is my profession, and for those who do this as their profession getting to this point is a dream. I've always said that you need to work with humility. I try to put to work on the pitch the things that I know, my football DNA, and I believe that this is what persuaded the president to choose me for Inter's bench."

It's a project shared by everyone, but was Stramaccioni the only one to score with it? "No, I don't like taking a leading role in the wins. I point the team in the right direction and put my ideas into action, but the lads are the ones who take to the pitch and the spotlight is on them. The group is united and I'm happy they're following me. I've always been myself. That's how it will always be, and in these first few days as well the boys have understood what I mean when I talk about motivation, Inter style. We have a good foundation. I consider myself to be lucky. But now, it's time to keep our mouths shut, make no promises and work hard."

The Nerazzurri coach was then asked why, at such a difficult moment as regards the transfer market, he considered a player like Sneijder to be completely indispensable, even when tempted with such a serious offer: "Today at the press conference I mentioned Wesley because I think that, right now, he's the Inter player with the highest market value, and it shows you how no one is untouchable in football today. I immediately received worried phone calls from him, but I stressed to him that he's my number 10 and he's not going anywhere."

Finally, Stramaccioni spoke of his relationship with Moratti and what strikes him most about the president: "This will seem trivial, but it moves me and charges me up when he calls me and tells me, 'Good work, keep it up.'"

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