Massimo Moratti visits Italian Olympics team


President congratulated Molfetta and Russo: gold in taekwondo and silver in boxing respectively

LONDON - Massimo Moratti with the Italian Olympics team. A huge sports fan, the Nerazzurri president didn't want to miss out on this last weekend of Olympic action at the 2012 Games in London.

After watching Clemente Russo take the silver medal in boxing and Inter fan Carlo Molfetta win gold in taekwondo, Moratti offered his personal congratulations to the Azzurri heroes at Team Italy's base in the capital.

The president shared compliments with Molfetta, a huge Nerazzurri fan, and joked: "You're a class act. You should join us at Inter!"

Speaking to the journalists present, he then commented on Russo's silver medal: "It's a shame he didn't win but the other guy seemed much bigger and in the last round [the Ukrainian] clearly had the upper hand. Boxing? I've always been a big fan."

Moratti was inevitably asked some football-related questions as well. "Brazil? I only saw a bit of the game. The Italian Super Cup? They told me the result when I got here. Napoli deserted the presentation ceremony in protest? They must have had their reasons for it, but I didn't watch the game so I can't comment. Conte's suspension? It's in the past now."

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