Moratti to Sky Italia: "A good business deal"


"For all parties, Milan and Europe included. Investment an injection of confidence at a difficult time"

MILAN – After putting pen to paper on the agreement that sees a group of Chinese investors become the second largest shareholder in F.C. Internazionale, president Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to Sky Sport 24: "The agreement signed is first and foremost a way of strengthening the club. It's also a good business deal as far as Italy is concerned: an investment by China, by one of the biggest Chinese groups, an investment for the future in the shape of the stadium and at a difficult time so it also shows confidence in the country, in the currency. I think that is important and valid and could be repeated."

Can we explain what the precise terms of the agreement are?

"There's a minority holding which is likely to increase as more investors join this group and the main aim is to build a new stadium – that's what the agreement with China Railway is really about and it's a very important one for Inter. I must say I think it's also important for Milan and Europe because it's the first time this company has made an investment in Europe, yet it's a company that is present all over the world."

What effect could this agreement have on Inter's transfer dealings? The fans would like to see new investments made in players like Lucas, for example.

"Putting to one side the elevated cost of Lucas, which is perhaps higher than any foreign investment, in all honesty I think this is a different matter. What we are doing here is strengthening the club for the future; it's about long-term projects which require careful management. We've made the decision to do things a certain way this year and it's been fairly well thought through and organised, with a young intelligent coach and youngsters who have done well. It's not about not spending money, it's about setting things up in a certain way for the future and I think this is the way forward."

Does this agreement mean you'll be promoting the brand even more in Asia, where Inter already have a strong presence as we saw during the recent tour in Indonesia?

"Yes, we have lots of fans in China, in Indonesia and in other places around there and I think this agreement can increase that aspect even further so I'm very pleased about that. It will certainly have a knock-on effect from a commercial standpoint, in terms of the number of fans and the interest shown by that country."

Can we say the dream stadium is now a tangible project?

"It's now a tangible project with a highly qualified partner – the biggest company in the world in this sector considering the experience they have – but we still have everything to do. Now we must find the right location, see what can be done and in a few years' time the fans will have their own home."

Marco Branca is in Brazil. Is it fair to say that regardless of this agreement Inter still hold a strong interest in Lucas?

"Yes, but holding an interest doesn't mean you're willing to accept certain terms."

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