Awaiting Prima Serata: Zanetti, Interista forever


"It's part of my life and my family's life. I'll always have a bond with the Nerazzurri colours"

APPIANO GENTILE - "Zanetti will never be without Inter." So says the man himself, the captain, who was this week's guest on Inter Channel's Prima Serata programme.

Javier chatted with Roberto Scarpini about the PUPI Foundation, after last night's party for his charity's 11th anniversary: "There's a very hard-hit area of Argentina that we're trying to help at the moment. We want to give our support to these people who get almost nothing. We want to get stuck into this new project, it's a challenging one but very important to us. I have a wonderful relationship with the kids, both the PUPI kids and those from the Leoni di Potrero, the football school I set up with Cambiasso."

Of the many topics covered, one was of course the captain's love for the Nerazzurri colours: "I will always have a bond with Inter – it's part of my life and my family's life. It's a great feeling to be an Interista: we're different to everyone else. I'll always be an Interista and I'll always be a part of Inter, maybe in a different role but I'll remain a part of this great family. Have I ever thought 'This is it, I'm going to retire at the end of the year'? No, I haven't yet, but partly because my family want me to keep going - they don't want me around the house... No, joking aside, I really enjoy what I'm doing at the moment so we'll have to see."

From his love for Inter to that he has for the fans, who obviously feel exactly the same way: "It's so nice to see now much affection the fans have: thank you for all your love and affection. And I'm just as fond of you!"

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