Moratti: "Let's learn from the Roma game"


"A young and quite new team: it can happen but we must use it to improve"

MILAN - Massimo Moratti tackled Inter's defeat to Roma last night as he answered the questions of waiting journalists outside the Saras offices.

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What went wrong yesterday?

"This is a very young team, with a lot of new players and they're still finding their feet. Obviously there are high hopes for this group of players but these things can happen. This experience should serve both the coach and the club as a whole so we can see where we need to improve. It's certainly a negative but we can learn from it."

One defeat though can't tarnish all the good work Inter have shown so far.

"Absolutely not. Our potential - both in terms of individuals and the team as whole - is still very real, it's just a case of gradually translating that into good performances, one game at a time. That's not something which is easy to do immediately."

Do you think Inter's performance yesterday might be something you'll have to come to expect, playing the Europa League on a Thursday and in the league on a Sunday?

"I'm fairly sure of it. One of the things we have to get used to is playing the Europa League on a Thursday which will make things physically difficult for the players. We need to look at ways of ensuring the lads come into games feeling fresh on a Sunday. Yesterday's game will go down as experience, and the battle we had on Thursday clearly caught up with us more than we expected it to."

Do you agree with Stramaccioni that the issue yesterday was more psychological than technical?

"Yes, I think it was more mental than technical. I think it comes down to the effort we had to put in on Thursday in a hard-fought game. Then we had to try and be fit and ready two days later, and also the lads aren't yet used to all being together as a group. If there are problems of a different type then the coach will step in to resolve them."

Were you a bit sore about Giampaolo Pazzini scoring a hat-trick on Saturday night?

"No, of course not. Having said that, I'd have preferred it if he'd done that for us rather than them."

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