Livaja on Sky Italia: "My future is at Inter"


"I'm the youngest striker here and enjoying the experience. I dream of scoring my first Serie A goal against..."

APPIANO GENTILE – Five appearances, 194 minutes, two goals. That's Marko Livaja's haul for the season so far – his first with the senior side. A promising start which he hopes to build on and become an increasingly important part of this Inter project.

Speaking to Andrea Paventi for an exclusive interview with Sky Sport 24, the 19-year-old reflected on how things are going: "I'm really happy. I've been working to get where I am now since the age of 15. It's not always easy for a striker to get much playing time in Serie A because lots of sides concentrate on defending and don't attack much. I think one of my best qualities is that I keep my calm: I'm not the sort to get worked up, I just focus on getting on with the game. And now I'm focusing 100% on Inter. I see my future here and nowhere else."

Asked about the possibility of becoming Milito's understudy, the Croatian striker explained: "At the moment I'm the youngest Nerazzurri striker and I'm enjoying the experience. I'm happy with the way things are going, we'll have to see. When Milito gets a sight on target it's a goal - I've never seen anyone quite like him. Zanetti is my idol, just look at the way he trains. And I really like Cassano. I like players who joke around, we have a great laugh together. Stramaccioni? When I made my debut he said that he knew what I could do and he just wanted to see me play the same way I've always done, doing simple things well."

What targets can Inter aspire to this season? Livaja was forthright in his answer: "If we beat Catania and Bologna and then go and win in Turin as well, why shouldn't we aim for the title? And I dream of scoring my first Serie A goal against Juventus..."

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