Moratti: "I like our consistency and unity"


"Great spirit between the coach and players and an ability to adapt during games"

MILAN - A day on from the win over Catania, Massimo Moratti paused to take questions from the journalists gathered outside the Saras offices.

Could Inter become Juve's main challengers?

"We're focused on ourselves, but of course we'd love to challenge for the title. We naturally want to perform well and I feel that we're improving with every match we play."

What aspect of Inter's performance yesterday did you enjoy the most? What do you like in general?

"I like the fact we've found consistency and we're able to make tactical switches during games to adapt to our opponents, so we can best counter their strengths. This is the most positive aspect, along with the unity between the coach and the players. We've got great team spirit."

Where does Wesley Sneijder fit into this system?

"Let's play him and then you'll see him perform. We'll find room for him somewhere."

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