Toldo: "Inter Campus, a marvellous project"


"No other club in the world has anything quite like it. Giving these kids something to smile about is a victory for us"

MILAN - Francesco Toldo spoke to Sky Sport 24 this morning about the new book which celebrates the first 15 years of Inter Campus. The former Nerazzurri goalkeeper now works as an ambassador for Inter's project that helps poor children in 24 countries throughout the world. He explained: "It's an initiative that the Moratti family really wanted to make happen. The aim is to give children who live in areas of extreme poverty something to smile about, and to do that through football. It's a marvellous project, the social side of Inter. At the end of the month president Massimo Moratti will introduce Inter Campus to the UN – we're so proud that Inter are the first football club to be invited to the UN headquarters. Watching these kids play and forget about their problems is a victory for us. No other club in the world has a project quite like this and they joy on the kids' faces when they welcome you is just priceless.We're going to start up more programmes in other countries, we're in constant contact and we want to keep expanding it."

The former Nerazzurri keeper also explained how he got involved in Inter Campus: "I was brought into it simply because I asked to be involved. After I hung up my gloves I asked Inter if I could work for Inter Campus and help it to become better known. Everyone at Inter is behind this project and we hope it can keep growing. If other clubs are inspired by it that's great. It doesn't matter what colours are on the shirt."

Asked to share an anecdote from one of the many trips he's been on, Toldo replied: "I remember in Venezuela there was a shooting 100 metres from the pitch we were playing on and we stopped suddenly, then the children told us that we were ok to keep playing as long as we didn't hear more than 20 shots... Incredible!"

Toldo also commented on the current team: "The club has got plans in place, they know what they're doing. The team are doing superbly well, despite the criticism. The lads are calm. Who's the best keeper out of me, Julio Cesar and Handanovic? I was very successful, so was Julio Cesar and Handanovic is spectacular - he has all the qualities of a top keeper."

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