"When Inter becomes an important friend"


Read the full speech given by Massimo Moratti during the Inter Campus presentation at the United Nations

NEW YORK - Here is the full speech given by Massimo Moratti during the Inter Campus presentation at the United Nations.

"The story started 15 years ago in a Brazilian favela, where we couldn't keep our eyes closed when faced with the opportunity to make many children happy and finally give them the chance to wear Inter's and Ronaldo's jersey – at the time we had Ronaldo playing in our first team – and to make them feel like they finally belonged to the world.

"From there we rushed to Kosovo, in the middle of the war. Little children belonging to families in dire conditions needed to be kept safe and away from the battleground and we felt the need to help with that necessity. A necessity that we found wherever we went and that we realised could be met with the help of trustworthy and professional trainers. And that is the secret of this organisation.

"And today, after many years, we find ourselves in 25 different countries with the same passion and the will to do a little better each time but also with a little experience that makes us feel helpful to the various communities of people and to each family, and of course to the main stars of this project, the children themselves. Various cultures and languages but identical feelings and tenderness. They house us and that constantly reignites our enthusiasm.

"Our trainers travel the world scouting for the chance to open new Inter Campuses, whenever the necessity arises, and continuously monitor those that are already open, also with teams of local trainers, wonderful people who enrich our project with humanity and trust. The most important gift we can give these children is to make them feel part of an internationally famous reality such as Inter. Something that can also keep them safe from violence, due to the respect instilled in their communities by this reality. They have an important friend in Inter, a friend that helps them to be brave and gives them the freedom to express themselves. Now Inter Campus also has a fantastic, strong friend who defends and protects us and that is the United Nations. I feel like one of those children!

"When all is said and done, what sticks in our memories and in our hearts is the spark in these children's eyes and their smiles. They are happy to play together, they are happy to meet people who want to look after and help them and who won't forget about them, because now they are active team members. The situations we work in are difficult and sometimes completely isolated because they are deemed too dangerous, but the friendly response to our project is so great that it makes every chore a simple and happy one.

"By looking at the photo book that we have published, you too will understand why this adventure captivates us.

"Before finishing I would like to thank some friends of Inter Campus. Nike, who help Inter Campus every year giving us shirts, shorts, socks and are very involved. I have to thank the chairman of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, for his friendship. I would like to thank all the partners we find around the world who are enthusiastic in participating in this adventure. And of course I want to thank all the people who work for us at Inter Campus, absolutely fantastic people. And finally, I must thank my daughter, she is really very generous, full of humanity and a strong manager. She helps to make sure everything keeps going very well. So I thank her with my heart. Thank you everybody."

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