Milito: "We're on the right track"


"Still a long way to go but we're happy so far; slowly starting to see the results"

MILAN - "I've still got a year left on my contract and I hope to keep playing here at Inter. I'm happy that both the club and the coach believe in me and I try to repay their faith every day - not just on matchdays - by behaving like a professional," said Diego Milito in an exclusive interview with Sky Italia.

The Argentine forward covered a lot of subjects, from the idea of a 'back-up Milito', to his targets at Inter, his relationship with Stramaccioni, their opponents, and Sneijder: "People are talking about it, but this is something that the coach and management need to weigh up, these decisions are up to them. My future? I'm happy at Inter and I want to stay, but you never know what could happen between now and 18 months' time. Of course in the future I'd like to go back home, but I'm still not sure when. Football moves very fast, so you never know and I don't want to plan too far ahead, just take each day as it comes. But I can say that I'm happy here and I'm enjoying it."

"The statistics show that when I don't score, Inter don't win? Unfortunately when I haven't scored in certain games, we haven't won, but there are other players who are capable of finding the net and winning us matches. Obviously I feel I'm an important player for the team, and that's how the coach makes me feel on a Sunday, I'm aware of this responsibility. I like winning trophies, but not only individual honours, my aim is always to help the team. I've always given everything, even in the tough times, and I hope to continue into next year so I can help my team-mates achieve success. The club are doing things in the right way and planning well for the future. I believe we're gradually seeing that. We're happy with how we're performing but obviously we've still got a lot to improve. Having said that, we know we're on the right track. The Scudetto? We will keep going to the end, that's what you always need to do when you play for Inter. Juve are playing very well though."

"Stramaccioni? We've got a very good, honest relationship with one another, I think he's brilliant, as soon as he came in he told everyone what he thought of them. We've always been very open with one another and I think that's the key. That's how he earned everyone's confidence, he's a young coach but he's already shown he's up to coaching Inter. Sneijder? It's difficult for us because we're in the middle. We love Wesley because he's been - and will continue to be if he stays - a big player in our squad. He's given an awful lot over the years and he helped to make history here. We've got a great relationship with him. I think we need to give him a bit of space to make his own mind up. He needs to stay calm and decide, along with the club, what to do. Our aim for this season? We're a new team and I think we're exceeding our expectations from the start of the season. We're still in all three competitions and we'll try to go as far as possible in every one. I hope we have a good 2013 and win a trophy or two."

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