Moratti: "We'll take the Coppa seriously"


"A positive win against Pescara. Sneijder? It would be right to give Galatasaray an answer today"

MILAN – Early this afternoon outside the Saras offices, president Massimo Moratti responded to questions from awaiting journalists.

With Saturday evening’s victory against Pescara, can we say that Inter have emerged from the run of negative results?

"Objectively we’re out of it because we won, and this is something positive. Apart from that, the Pescara match is one that seemed easy once it was over, but was actually one played against a team that tended to defend, and rightly so. Therefore it seems that the speed of play allowed us to score and win. It was certainly much very important in terms of morale."

Tomorrow there’s the match against Bologna at the San Siro. How important is the Coppa Italia?

"It’s unquestionably important, for both our players and the club, so it will be taken seriously."

The vice president of Galatasaray is convinced he’ll receive a positive response from Wesley Sneijder by the evening.

"That would be the serious thing to do [professionally speaking]. I believe he’s right to think that way."

If Sneijder leaves would the subsequent transfer market manoeuvres involve seeking a player of his calibre or would they be more low key?

"We’ll see."

On Saturday night Antonio Cassano went straight to the dressing room after being subbed out…

"I really don’t believe these things matter very much. I must have seen a thousand players leave the pitch that way."

Is it possible you’ll intervene to get the Schelotto deal moving?

"All these things are being properly and calmly looked after."

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