Moratti: "Happy with the Sneijder deal"


"Transfer window? One step at a time. Team played well yesterday, I back them to make UCL"

MILAN - Massimo Moratti answered the questions of the many journalists outside his offices in Milan this morning.

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Am I right in saying the Sneijder deal ultimately went through thanks to your input?

"I'm part of the club so I have been known to intervene!"

Are you happy with the end result?

"Yes, without a doubt, Galatasaray did everything properly, their president, vice president, they're very good people. I think the player is happy too, otherwise he wouldn't have gone there."

Why did it take Sneijder so long to make his mind up?

"If something needs to happen, all that matters is that it does."

Is Paulinho a firm target for January?

"One step at a time. We've just done this, let's now see what we need to do."

Does this now allow you to make moves in the transfer window?

"I don't know, it depends if it's worth it. Everything's so expensive in Italy, so I don't think anything will happen."

Perhaps the focus is more on the future than returning to the Champions League...

"No, we can get back into the Champions League and I back my players, given the team we've got."

What did you make of the team yesterday?

"Good, the team turned up. We can do a bit better with the three up top but I think they did well. I'm very happy with Livaja, really pleased indeed. Guarin once again showed what he's about. The rest of the team played intelligently."

Is the word Scudetto now taboo?

"I'll let you guys say it and then we'll see. Every game we just try to do what we think we're capable of."

How do you want to publicly bid farewell to Sneijder? He's obviously a player who gave so much to Inter.

"That's what I said to him, that it's not purely sentiment, but also recognition and he'll always remain one of the key figures in Inter history. We're proud to have had him here and Galatasaray will be too."

Is the price a problem with Paulinho or is it to do with how useful he'd be?

"A player like that, with his attributes, is always useful. But the cost does come into it."

Is the plan now to invest some of the money you saved on Sneijder straight back into the market or to be patient?

"We'll take a measured approach."

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