Waiting for Prima Serata: Chivu's back!


Romanian defender tells all in an exclusive interview tonight at 21:00 on Inter Channel

APPIANO GENTILE - Cristian Chivu is back playing and back in the Inter Channel studios, as guest on tonight's edition of Prima Serata at 21:00.

"I really wanted to get back playing because I've been through some tough times. I had a setback after my first operation but in the end I made it. Is Stramaccioni glad to have me and Stankovic back? We're happier than he is I think because we'd suffered when we're out injured, it's not easy to train on your own."

Chivu then spoke about what he plans to do when he hangs up his boots, as Roberto Scarpini put some of the fans' questions to him: "I want to return to Romania because I miss it a bit, I've been away from home for 15 years now, travelling the world, and I can't wait to go back. I don't know if I'll be able to settle back into life in my country but that's what I plan to do. My wife and I have spoken about it at length and our decisions are made based on what's best for our kids. We've bought a house, so in that sense we're sorted. I think I'll stay in football, but not as a coach. I'll probably work in an office in an administrative role. I've got a degree and I'm also studying for a masters in marketing at the moment. I'm not cut out to be a coach, but I think I can make a difference, improving the state of Romanian football thanks to the years I've spent in Italy and Holland."

"It's a tricky subject," explained Chivu when asked about the issues players face when it comes to giving up huge salaries. "Some players were offered a contract which is worth a certain amount, so it's then difficult to approach a player and tell them that they'll have to take a pay cut, because they could quite rightly say, 'You offered me these terms, it's not like someone was holding a gun to your head.' Now we need to see what people plan to do, I'm not judging anyone because I don't know how I'd react in certain situations. I accepted Inter's new offer because I feel at home here, I believe in the project, the club wanted me to stay, and the coach even more so. I feel I've got my team-mates' support and here I am."

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