Stramaccioni: "I believe in us and our project"


"Scoreline not a fair reflection of the match. Palacio should have had a penalty"

UDINE - Andrea Stramaccioni spoke to Sky Sport Italia after his side's 3-0 defeat to Udinese at the Stadio Friuli.

"I think we played well in the first half. The 3-0 scoreline is not a fair reflection of the contest. We've come away with a heavy defeat but up until the sending off, we'd played well, we were still in the game and posed a threat. We've certainly been unlucky with refereeing decisions: again today we've seen an incident which changes the game. We would have had a penalty, and they would have been a man down. Yet we've finished the match with four yellow cards. It was a stonewall penalty on Palacio, Domizzi clearly puts his hand across his shoulder and impedes him, yet it's our player who gets cautioned. Fair enough, if that's what the referee saw. Do I suspect something? No, I believe referees just do their job, I don't think there's anything sinister behind it, but you can't not give a penalty for that. Is it any consolation the fact that Palacio was actually offside at the start of the move? No, and how on earth did Allan escape punishment for the two-footed tackle on Guarin? Having said that, we were excellent for 65 minutes, then hats off to Udinese.

The Nerazzurri coach then discussed whether Inter would now make moves in the transfer window: "I strongly believe in two things, even more so after this match. I believe in my players and in our project. We were missing nine players today, who will soon be back fit. Of course a team can always improve, but one way or another we're unlucky in every game."

One of the positives from the match was once again Fredy Guarin: "I'm very happy with Fredy and I've always stressed that. He's on form and those of you who have seen us on the road will have noticed how much we've improved the way we keep the ball. Jonathan missed an absolute sitter and Udinese - with the legend that is Di Natale - punished us for it."

Finally a word on Wesley Sneijder: "He was missing and so were eight other key players. I've never been one to moan but obviously these absentees do have an impact. Either way Sneijder wasn't available for selection as he hadn't trained due to the flu."

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