Massimo Moratti after today's board meeting


President tells press about Inter at the UN, transfer window and the new stadium after board meeting

MILAN - President Massimo Moratti answered questions from the waiting press following this afternoon's board meeting. Read what he had to say in full here on

What can you tell us about the board meeting which has just finished?

"There's nothing behind it. It'd been a while since our last meeting and we spoke a great deal about December, especially about New York, our invitation to the UN and our partnership with the organisation. We wanted to bring the board members up to speed. We obviously spoke about the transfer market, and the current state of affairs, as well as what stage we're at with certain players, who might be coming in and who might be leaving."

Are you planning on making more of your famous phone calls to finalise deals like you did over Rocchi?

"If needs be... but I think they're all moving along well. We can rule out Lodi though as I spoke to president Pulvirenti and we definitely don't want to rock the boat with Catania. So he's not one of our targets. Talks are ongoing for some of our other targets however. If of course I'm required to intervene, I will happily do so."

Are you happy with the offer from Galatasaray for Sneijder?

"We had a meeting with Galatasaray the other day which went well, now it's up to the player."

Have you spoken to Sneijder over the last few months?

"Only very quickly because it's not been a big deal, it simply comes down to whether he wants to stay or not. In any case he's within his rights to either continue with his great contract or to accept our terms - which we'd be happier about - or to move to another club. We've left it up to him and we'll see what happens."

If Sneijder stays is there not a risk it might upset the dressing room?

"These things happen at the beginning but if you're sensible you can get over them. Having said that, I'm not sure how he sees things."

But he could come in handy between now and the end of the season?

"Too right! Sneijder's not exactly a bad name to have on the teamsheet!"

Will another top player come in should Sneijder leave the club?

"Even talk of a 'top player' scares me! We need to see who's available. It's a time when certain clubs might need to keep hold of their players, plus we have to see exactly what position we need. We're looking."

Who's an alternative to Lodi, given that Stramaccioni has also identified the need for a player like him?

"Stramaccioni has also...? He's Stramaccioni, he's the coach, who has a big say in these decisions, because of the way we play, so we're looking at who could be a good signing in that area."

Schelotto appears on his way...

"I can't comment on that because I don't know the details."

Given the injury crisis in defence, could Marco Andreolli come back? He's a player you know very well of course.

"If I acted on our injury crisis I'd need to sign 12 players! We're not acting on the injury crisis, we've got six defenders, if someone's not fit, others can come in and play."

Is Matias Silvestre leaving the club?

"He's still here for the time being."

A few things have come out regarding the ground. First there were rumours of a meeting with Pacolli in Switzerland, today reports suggest a potential meeting with the president of AIK Solna. What steps have been taken towards the building of a new stadium?

"All these groups are certainly interested in the project and they're all very professional companies. I'm interested as well to see what I could do in the future. Officially though, no great progress has been made. Talks could however lead to positive developments, no doubt about that. It's nice to know they're very interested because this helps us to continue dialogue."

Are you not worried by the defensive crisis seeing as Walter Samuel got injured today?

"He didn't get injured today, he already picked up a tendon problem during the match the other day. He's not yet shaken off the pain, we need to give it time because Samuel is someone who always gives it his all. I think he's doubtful for Saturday but we'll keep our fingers crossed."

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