Moratti: "I expected the team to respond like that"


"I could see the coach and players were determined to play that way. They got their tactics right too"

MILAN - President Massimo Moratti answered some questions from the waiting journalists as he entered the Saras offices this morning.

President, there were lots of positives to take from last night's game against Chievo. Did you expect the team to respond that way?

"Yes, I did expect it because I could see the coach and the players were determined to play like that. They got their tactics right yesterday too. Then there was Milito making his return, Cambiasso playing well. All people who know what they have to do at the right time."

How important is Dejan Stankovic's return for the team?

"Hugely important, and you could see that from the reception he was given by the fans. He's a player and a person who has given Inter so much, and we're all very fond of him. But more importantly, he's a very good player so he can give us a big hand."

Seeing how important Milito is, do you perhaps regret not being able to find a valid alternative during the January transfer window?

"If Milito is scoring then it means that we don't need one [smiling] or at least the coach didn't ask for one. And as long as Milito is doing well – and I hope he'll keep going for a long time yet – we don't need one."

Do you expect Inter to stick with this formation for a while now?

"We'll see. I think at the moment the coach plans to go on with it, then he'll do what he has to depending on the game, on what happens and on who's available."

Did you hear the chanting from the crowd yesterday - some of it racist - aimed at Mario Balotelli?

"I was told about it because I couldn't make out clearly what they were saying. I'm very sorry about that."

Do you want to say something to the fans ahead of the derby?

"I'm very sorry and I really hope it doesn't happen during the derby."

The fans also displayed a banner that said 'Keep going with the project but don't disrespect us'. Do you want to comment on that?

"I don't know how I've disrespected anyone so I don't really understand. I'm happy to keep going with the project."

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