Stramaccioni: "Milito is part of Inter's future"


"We're all with Diego, we all care about him and we'll wait for him to return. Fiorentina will be extremely tough"

APPIANO GENTILE – "I've spent a lot of time talking to Diego, I phoned him late at night after the game and we had a long chat. Not only are we all with him but we're all waiting for him to return. I can't envisage Inter without him next season. I know how much everyone here cares about him, and how capable the people looking after him are. He'll have his operation today at about 14:30, he's in our thoughts. He's a fundamental part of Inter's future, of my future Inter and everyone's future Inter." Andrea Stramaccioni spoke loud and clear about the importance of his injured centre forward during today's press conference, underlining just how close the whole Nerazzurri family is to the Argentine.

It was only natural to speak about Milito today, but ahead of Fiorentina v Inter there were also tomorrow's opponents to talk about: "I can say this with complete confidence: the Stadio Franchi is one of the toughest grounds to go to this season. None of the big teams have managed to win there and they've all struggled. It's a real six-pointer tomorrow, there are only four points between us and Fiorentina. It's going to be extremely tough."

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