Moratti: "My confidence is still there"


"We have to work hard, stay alert and defend against attacks so that things start working again"

MILAN – Upon entering his offices in the centre of Milan, Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to awaiting journalists. Here at we provide the full version of the statements from the Nerazzurri president:

President Moratti, how do you explain a defeat like the one that came against Siena, which even the players themselves described as ugly?
"If that’s how they defined it, then well… that explains it. We all saw the match, so let’s just say that we fell victim to the pace of our opponents. As for the rest, I’m not a coach so I can’t provide further explanation."

Was the refereeing also a factor? Could a penalty have been given for the foul on Cassano?
"In part, yes, but that’s certainly not what caused this defeat."

You were described as being angry, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
"I may be a bit angry on the inside, but it’s not that I had a go at anyone."

We read that you sent a text message giving a vote of confidence to Andrea Stramaccioni.
"No, I never sent any SMS… I also read this, but I didn’t send anything. Stramaccioni and I had a chat."

But your confidence in him is still there?
"Yes, certainly. We need to work hard, stay very alert and defend against attacks – especially those closer to us – in such a way that things start working again."

The new signings?
"The two from Eastern Europe did very well, but I have to say a bit less so from Schelotto. It wasn’t his fault however, as he hadn’t played for a month. He tried, but it’s not the player’s fault if he didn’t turn in the greatest performance."

By 'attacks that are closer', are you referring to AC Milan?
"No, I’m not referring to AC Milan."

What impression did the brace from Mario Balotelli make on you?
"He got a bit of help, I have to say… [smiling]."

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