Guarin: "Where do I see myself next season? Inter!"


"From the moment I arrived I’ve wanted to do my best in this shirt. I’m focused only on Inter and having a good season with my team-mates"

MILAN - Fredy Guarin was also among the guests at the inauguration of the new Solo Inter location at Pirelli Corso Venezia in the centre of Milan. The Colombian midfielder answered questions from reporters in front of the Inter store:

Mazzarri asked the team to seriously apply themselves in training today and kept his word on making you all work a lot.

"Yes, he’s a coach who has always worked that way and I don’t think he should change. We hope to quickly get used to his work methods and to do it as well as we can because we really need it."

There has been a lot of talk about the team possibly selling you. In what shirt do you see yourself next season?

"Inter’s. I’ve always seen myself with Inter. From the moment I arrived I’ve only been focused on doing my best in this shirt. This isn’t the time to think about other teams. Right now I’m only thinking about Inter and having a good season with my team-mates."

Falcao continues to send messages to convince you to move to Monaco. How are you responding?

"I can’t comment on his words because I didn’t hear them from him."

Your first impressions of Mazzarri?

"Intensity, hard work and a strong team ethic."

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