Moratti: "Mazzarri chosen for his hunger and intensity"


President's comments before the opening of new 'Solo Inter' store at 'Pirelli Corso Venezia'

MILAN – This is what president Moratti had to say when approached by journalists as he arrived at 'Pirelli Corso Venezia' this evening for the launch of the new 'Solo Inter' store.

President Moratti, Walter Mazzarri has made a great impression on the players. Guarin spoke about his 'hunger' and 'intensity'. What do you think of the new coach?
"I hope that's the case. We brought Mazzarri in precisely because he has those qualities and I think that will have an effect on the players - they wanted more intensity in training and in the project."

What do you think is Mazzarri's greatest asset?
"He works very hard. And he's good at it too because he achieves excellent results through hard work."

Are Inter going to buy any more players? Do you think that's it now or are you still working on a thing or two?
"We're only at the start of July, there's plenty of time between now and the end of August. The most interesting deals often come about towards the end."

Silvio Berlusconi said AC Milan are good enough to win the Scudetto. What about Inter?
"I've already spoken to the fans about this. I think if teams apply themselves properly they can go a long way. Juve seem to be a notch above the rest at the moment."

Is Andrea Ranocchia not for sale?
"They're all not for sale because I want Mazzarri to take a good look at them first and figure out what works best for him."

Javier Zanetti said there's no Inter without Massimo Moratti. Could there be an Inter without Massimo Moratti?
"One day that will have to happen... [smiling]. Zanetti is always so nice. For the time being I don't see any alternatives."

Mauro Icardi's signing was confirmed today. What kind of an investment was he?
"I think both he and Belfodil are going to be good investments because they were the two most interesting strikers last term. We got both of them, we'll see."

Can you give us any news about the negotiations with Erick Thohir?
"No, why don't you give me the news [smiling]?"

Can the fans expect a top player?
"One could arrive. It could also depend on how Mazzarri’s early days with the club go, so we’ll see."

Regarding Thohir, you said we’re still in the first round and not close to the KO. Does the possible sale of the club feel like a KO to you?
"No. We’re in the first round, although many are expecting a knockout. Perhaps I said that because psychologically I was thinking about it in that way."

We’re getting to know Thohir through various news reports. What impression has he made on you and how have you got to know this investor?
"For the moment, I know him as a respectable person who comes from a family of important industrialists, but nothing more than that. Personally I don’t know him well, not well enough. And then I have to say that we’re having these discussions, but honestly if it’s not the first round then it’s the second."

How will this issue be resolved with the Chinese? Will there be a penalty for non-compliance of agreements?
"That's rather an old matter. I don’t know how it will be worked out. We’re discussing it. But there's also a lot of friendship and esteem involved, so I think we'll find a solution."

Are you thinking about a penalty? Is a sponsorship likely?
"Right now we can’t put deadlines on anything. Deadlines are always given but then exceeded by so many situations that come up. So we’ll see."

But is your intention still to sell a minority?
"The intention is to negotiate and see if the two of us can come to a common understanding. After that things will be clearer."

As for the transfer market, could Isla be signed? How are relations with Juventus?
"Relations with Juventus are good, but sometimes good relations are not enough."

And where are we at with Nainggolan?
"We have good relations with Cagliari. It seems to me there has been a lot of talk regarding Nainggolan, yet there’s very little to go on."

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