Taïder, "I’ll do everything to give my all on pitch"


Exclusive Inter Channel interview. The midfield player didn’t hide his happiness and promised to work hard: "You don’t get anywhere without hard work"

MILAN – New Nerazzurri signing Saphir Taïder introduced himself to the fans in this exclusive interview with Roberto Scarpini of Inter Channel. He spoke of his happiness at signing for Inter, his joy at being able to play alongside his friend and international team-mate Belfodil, about playing his first games in France and on how he’s developing as a football player in Italy. Here’s what the young midfielder had to say:

A new face, a young, talented midfield player with plenty of potential. Saphir Taïder: welcome to Inter!
"Thanks. I’m very happy to be here at Inter. Everyone knows this is a fantastic club. I’m overjoyed."

You can play anywhere across the midfield, you are very versatile and know how to adapt the way you play.
"Yes, I like to work hard and help my team in defence and in attack. I do my best to give my all on the pitch."

From France to Italy, can we say that your footballing development reached its potential here?
"I started playing football at a very young age in France, but I’ve played my real football here in Italy. I made a lot of sacrifices when I moved abroad as a youngster, so I can certainly say that hard work pays off. Now I’m happy to be here. It was one of my sporting ambitions. Now I have to work hard."

Belfodil and Taïder, is everyone in Algeria an Inter fan now?
"Yes, it’s true! [smiling] Ishak made his debut a week ago. I was happy for him and now we’re both happy that we’re here and have the chance of playing together at Inter."

What are you expecting from this adventure?
"Above all I’m expecting to develop a lot as a player and to be able to work hard. Without hard work you don’t achieve anything, that's why it’s important to work every day and improve along with the coach and the club that has shown so much faith in me. Our dream is to win everything. In the past the club won everything and the young players here now will do their utmost to give their all."

You have a lovely, well looked after hair cut. Does it change colour as well?
"No, no... [smiling]. It stays the same colour!"

Bologna is famous for its food and cooking... what have you brought us from there?
"I’ve brought nothing with me, but I’d like to thank Bologna for the good work they’ve done with Inter in allowing me to come here. Again, I want to thank Bologna and Inter for this opportunity."

Good luck again, and here’s hoping you have many successful years as a Nerazzurri player.
"Thanks. I hope so too!"

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