President Moratti: "Agreement reached? No, but we know each other better now"


"Progress was made more on a personal level. Let's say we got to know each other a bit better. Very impressed by the attitude of the people I met"

MILAN – Massimo Moratti answered questions from waiting journalists in the centre of Milan. provides the full version of the statements made by the Nerazzurri president:

President Moratti, can we say you’ve reached an agreement?
"No. It was an opportunity to get to know each other a bit better, and also to meet the people who could come on board with Thohir in any agreement. It was more an opportunity to get to know them than to make a decision. And there are no big problems to resolve either."

Are these other potential investors Indonesian?
"Yes, but it doesn't change anything really. It’s not like we’ve increased or decreased what could be the type of operation that can or should be done."

At this point what still needs to be done to reach an agreement?
"Decide and work out when the time is right. And whether we’re happy with it. That's important."

Are we talking more about percentages or roles?
"The roles are really the last thing in the world that could cause problems. It’s just that these things are far from simple. They’re complicated. The whole deal could fall apart with even the slightest bump in the road."

Can we say that progress has been made in negotiations?
"Yes, but progress was made more on a personal level. Let's say we got to know each other a bit better. I was very impressed by the attitude of the people I met. That aspect is very important for me."

Can you confirm that you'll retain an important role at the club if the negotiations all go well?
"My family would for sure. But it's about restructuring everything in a more organised way so that we can move forward. Given that we now have players who cost 100 million, you have to understand that if you want to stay at that level, you need a set-up that enables you to tackle that sort of situation. Inter cannot be on a different level."

Will you definitely remain president?
"I don't know. It's not something I've thought about in this situation. No, I don't think so."

You don't think so?
"No, I don't know. I don't think so [smiling]."

Do you have any idea as to the timescale?
"We'll need to meet again, talk some more. Yes, I guess it would take a month or so if everything runs smoothly during that month."

You can still say no, right?
"[Smiling] That's right... either party can."

There's nothing binding then?
"No, definitely not."

So you could reach an agreement in about a month?
"If everything goes well we could, yes. We'll see. But we said the same thing three months ago."

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