Inter Channel: Jonathan a guest on InterNOS


The Brazilian defender was in the Inter Channel studios for the second edition (to air at 21:00). Sneak previews here at

APPIANO GENTILEJonathan was the guest for the second episode of InterNOS, the exclusive programme on Inter Channel that gives you an up-close look at the Nerazzurri players.

The Brazilian defender spoke openly on the show, and gives you a sneak peak at some of his conversation:

"I’m really happy at the moment, this has been a great period for me. The fans have shown me so much support after last year, which didn’t go so well for me, and this has given me more confidence to do well. But we’ve only played six games so far this season and we have to keep it up.

"I’ve said loads of times that’s how a footballer’s career goes. There are always ups and downs, and mine has never been easy. In Brazil I probably went through an even more difficult period than I did in Italy. And as I’ve stated before, if I made it at Inter it’s because I have some quality and knew that sooner or later my time would come. I had told my family this would be my year, and thanks to God, Walter Mazzarri and all the staff I’m doing well."

Stay tuned for more previews of Jonathan’s interview with Inter Channel, to air at 21:00 on Sky Italia, channel 232.

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