Jonathan: "Thanks to fans, team-mates and staff, I'm back"


The Brazilian defender on the 2nd edition of InterNOS: "I'm glad the entire team came to embrace me at Catania. They knew what I was going through"

APPIANO GENTILE – On this edition of InterNOS, Jonathan answered questions from the fans by way of Nagaja Beccalossi and Roberto Monzani, and spoke about his relationship with the club and team-mates: "I’m really happy here. I talk a lot with the Brazilians since it’s easier when you speak the same language, but I have a good relationship with everyone. With the Argentines, or Pereira, or the Italians. All of them. I believe this is very important in a team because you need to be a tight knit group. After my assist to Palacio in Catania when all my team-mates hugged me? I was happy because they understood more than anyone the tough time I was going through. They see me every day in training and the fact that they all ran over to embrace me shows they knew I had the quality to be a part of this team."

The full-back continued, stating how coach Walter Mazzarri has played a key role in the team’s progress: "And his staff, too. They ask us to make the right movements. The work we did in pre-season and what we do every day helps us and gives us a boost so we give one hundred percent. Of course I still have to improve on the tactical and physical end, but I’m doing well. In terms of commitment, I had only done something like this when I was with my youth team in Brazil."

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