Mazzarri: "We imposed our game, more of the same"


"But we still need to improve on how we manage the ball, especially when we go in front, if not we risk jeopardising our results"

UDINE - Walter Mazzarri began his post-match media duties by speaking to Sky Italia. The coach described the match as "one of the best Inter performances" following his side's victory over Udinese, highlighting however that "we also did very well against Fiorentina and Juventus." The coach continued: "Either way we came here to impose our game, as if we were at home, without letting things affect us. We still need to improve on how we manage the ball, especially when we take the lead. If we don't, we end up thinking we're too good and we risk jeopardising our results."

The coach then had a few words on individual players: "Guarin has great ability and some great attributes, but he must - as I always tell him - keep switched on for 90 minutes. He mustn't lose the ball, I'm working with him on his consistency, but he's an incredible player. I can only praise Alvarez, he's working well both in terms of quality and quantity. Cambiasso has got positional sense, he sorts things out if we lose the ball, he's in the right place at the right time, and he's back to what he was when Mourinho was here. He's a great player."

Mazzarri was then asked his thoughts on Erick Thohir's comments about the transfer market, particularly with regards to Inter looking for wide players: were they the result of direct contact with the coach? "There was a note, to let me know that he rates me, but for the moment I've only ever spoken to president Moratti, Branca and Ausilio. I know he'll come here and, when he does so, I'll tell him directly what I think. Either way he's in contact with our president, they're in touch, I think it's normal they talk about those sort of things, about what I say. We're going very well with our wide players, then if you can improve you always try to do so. Either there's a signing who's better or there's no point in just bringing in a filler."

The Nerazzurri boss then spoke to Mediaset: "We've played other good games too. We've seen progress in terms of our play. We perhaps saw similar play at Sassuolo, but we weren't playing Udinese and that's why this victory is worth more. Playing and winning like we did at home to Verona, playing in Bergamo and perhaps deserving to win the match... two consecutive away games. We need to remember what was said about this side over the summer. Are we more balanced with Taider in the team? I did it because it seemed the best solution. We might think about being a bit more clinical. Palacio? I'm never happy, I think Palacio can do even more, I always say to him that someone like him should never be satisfied.

"Cambiasso deserves a mention? Yes, he's due praise, he struggled a little this summer with the workloads I introduced, he had to regain a bit of fitness, but now he's back and he was perfect throughout today. He provides security for everyone, he can only help me. Champions League chances? I'll say the same as I did in Bergamo: we need to keep working and today we saw it, we were a lot more positive. We mustn't be lax in the next match and make the same mistakes as we did today.

"Was it a risk with Samuel on the pitch? I was undecided until the end. Besides what he does physically, I wanted him to spur on the others with his character. I don't think it's anything serious, I think we'll get him back fit in time. Will Icardi have an operation? Yes, I think so. Until yesterday I tried to bring him with us to play for 20-odd minutes but yesterday we decided not to select him. I think he'll go under the knife on Monday. Campagnaro and the national team? I don't want to get into it, that's up to him, then it's something the club would need to intervene on."

Rai Sport were the next media outlet to interview the Nerazzurri coach: "We did very little high pressing against Atalanta, the team improved today. We're a fair way off the top teams? I'll have to say it again, we need to work on ourselves because we're in a different situation to the sides in front of us. We needed to build an identity. We've not been very lucky because we could have picked up a few more points. Who's surprised me the most out of Roma, Juve and Napoli? Besides their squad, Roma. It was obvious Napoli and Juve would be up the top. The favourites for the Scudetto? I never make predictions. Emergency in our defence? We could have at least two or three of them fit in time. We'll see. I don't know anything specific."

He was asked by Radio Rai whether Inter are growing in terms of character: "This is the best thing, you could see the team was positive. We've got an injury crisis up top, even though we've figured out how to play with just one forward."

Mazzarri then moved into the press conference: "What did I say to Juan Jesus about the booking he picked up? What can I tell you, sometimes we're a bit naive. You do lots of good work and then the easiest things... we probably think we're great when we play well. Will he be a big loss through suspension? He would have got one sooner or later, perhaps given everything that went on today he could have avoided it. Ugly Udinese? It was a hard place to come to, I think we need to praise Inter even though Udinese didn't do what they're capable of today. We imposed our game to the best of our ability, moving the ball when we needed to. I think Inter deserve the credit in this case. Injuries? I'm wary of saying things too soon after the event. I get the feeling Ranocchia will be OK, it's just cramp. I told Samuel I would take him off as soon as he felt something, but I wanted him to start. The same goes for Jonathan. They shouldn't be injuries which will have an impact on the next game. We'll see on Tuesday."

The gaffer was finally asked which achievement brought him the most satisfaction, his work with Acireale, the way he transformed Napoli or his renaissance with Inter? "I think I've done quite a lot of great things in my career, with Livorno too for instance, but given what Napoli were like when I took over and how I left the club before Benitez came in, both in terms of the team's improvement and balancing the books, that was a significant job. It's still too early to say I've revitalised Inter and I hope to achieve even greater things with this team." Mazzarri was then asked when Zanetti would play: "I was in two minds today as to whether to bring him on. He looks so good on the ball. Obviously we need to be careful but I don't think he's far away."

Finally Mazzarri spoke to Inter Channel: "Did I expect Alvarez to turn out like this? Ask my staff what I said about Alvarez when I wasn't here. He's really repaid my faith in him, he's a complete player, but he needs to play like this to the end of the season."

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