Mazzarri: "Inter and the sponsors, that's important in football too"


Coach at event organised for the club's partners: "Everything plays a part in this game. Like on the field, the players are all together here tonight"

MILAN - Walter Mazzarri gave an interview to Sky Italia as he arrived for the Sponsors' Christmas Dinner tonight.

He was first asked how it feels to be going back to Napoli with another team. "I've been coaching for a long time. I know that my job is to focus entirely on getting my players ready during the week. I'm the coach of Inter now so I'm only thinking about that. I've looked at the mistakes we made in the last game, I haven't thought about anything else yet. I expect I'll feel something when I go up the steps to the pitch – after all I spent four intense years there and you can't erase that – but at the moment I'm just concentrating on solving the problems my team might have. After the match on Sunday, I told the lads that we'd done some things very well but also got lots of things wrong. We've tried to understand that and work on our approach to the game, our mentality when we take to the field."

The coach was then asked to comment on Massimo Moratti's statements about the recent change of ownership possibly affecting the team's focus. "The president understands certain things because he has a lot of experience. Having said that, I don't want to create an alibi for my players. Perhaps it did have an effect but you have to make sure they concentrate on what's happening on the pitch. I've tried and I'm trying to get them to focus on their jobs.

"The Sponsors' Christmas Dinner? Football is about what you do on a day-to-day basis but it's also about the club's partners. Everything plays a part in this game. Like on the field, the players are all together here tonight. Everything is important, including things that involve the club itself."

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