Massimo Moratti inducted into the FIGC Hall of Fame


He receives award for best club official: "An honour and a privilege for my family to run Inter"

FLORENCE - Massimo Moratti is now part of the FIGC Hall of Fame. His induction as best club official is a prestigious award and means he will figure alongside other individuals who have made their mark in Italian football history in the collection devised by the FIGC and the Football Museum Foundation.

Here's what Massimo Moratti said as he received the award on the stage of the Salone dei Cinquecento in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio: "I'd like to thank everyone who decided to give me this award. It was an honour and privilege for my family to run Inter and also have the pleasure of winning. I believe it is now the time to get the club in order and the start the process of internationalisation. What I will tell you is that we always worked with passion. That's why I hope that Erick Thohir becomes passionate first and foremost, and suffers as little as possible, and that he can achieve things, something that happens when you work hard and well.

"How did my family take the news of me selling the club? My family behaved very well because they all pretended to me that it was something normal. They know how to handle me basically [smiling]. Would I like to see my son Angelomario have a similar career? Yes, but my father didn't tell me to take Inter, he said 'let's have some fun'. It was a decision that was made unconsciously, so I don't know if I want to wish that for my children, although there is passion in them, so it could happen. Do I still suffer in the same way when I watch a game? I too hoped to suffer less... as a memento I took a sign with the Treble on it... which means a lot to the Inter fans. Who will be in charge of the transfer market now? I think that's up to whoever comes in to decide. Plus yesterday Thohir was telling me that everyone will be involved in the transfer market, so I think they'll begin with the coach."

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