Statements by honorary president Massimo Moratti


Speaking at award ceremony this evening: "I still feel the same emotions on Sundays but without the fear because I share it with someone else now"

MILAN - Honorary president Massimo Moratti answered questions from the journalists present at this evening's USSI Lombardy award ceremony held in Milan.

How are Mondays different for you now?
"The only thing that changes for me on Sundays is that I can experience the game with less fear. I still feel the same emotions but without that terror because I share it with someone else now."

What do you have to say about Marco Branca's departure?
"It's not up to me but I'm certainly sorry because he worked with me for ten years and I share the responsibility. It was unexpected but I think it's normal for the new ownership to make changes and I think they can affect the fans' perceptions."

Would you like to comment on the recent banners seen at the stadium?
"No, I have no special comment to make. Even during the Calciopoli period they were never completely on my side but I respect them because I know they suffer during games just as I do. I didn't expect there to be any display of gratitude, they've never had that sort of approach."

Do you regret investing in Icardi?
"No. Leaving aside his personal situation, which I think will settle down now, he's a top-notch player and I'm sure he'll prove it."

What about the game yesterday? How do you think Mazzarri is doing?
"The team played some good football again yesterday. I think Mazzarri expected more from the club and the players..."

What advice can you give president Thohir?
"The only thing I would suggest to him is to try to make his presence felt more and to only work with people he has 100% confidence in. Only then can those people convey that same confidence to the rest of the club."

Is it true that you never told Mazzarri you would sell the club?
"I prefer not to comment on that."

What do you think of Hernanes?
"I've seen lots of great players in my time [smiling]. He's got a likeable air about him and that's already a good start. He's a very decent lad who's very excited about joining Inter. He knows what he's doing on the pitch too. Hopefully he'll be able to fulfil his potential with us here and I'm sure he will."

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