Zanetti: "Inter fans know how I feel about this shirt"


To Inter Channel: "I highly respect the coach's choices and my team-mates' work. To be part of a big club you have to think in a certain way"

APPIANO GENTILE – A win against Cagliari in order to maintain consistency. This is one of the things Javier Zanetti discussed in his interview with Inter Channel.

"We have to keep doing what we did in the last two matches, which we deservedly won. This consistency also comes from those kinds of things. We know there are still 14 games left. We have to give our all in order to earn as many points as we can."

He then discussed what today’s papers reported regarding alleged contact with José Mourinho, which would theoretically take the captain away from Inter: "Honestly, I have a great rapport with Mourinho. We hear from each other frequently, but we’ve never discussed these things. I believe the Inter fans know how I feel about this shirt. I’ve always stressed that this club is my life and my home. And it’s my desire to stay here. I don’t need to add anything else."

Could it also be that these rumours are circulating now that, for the first time in his career, the Argentine is no longer a regular starter? "Ever since I’ve been a player I’ve believed there are two possibilities: you either play from the opening whistle or you’re on the bench and able to come on. I have a lot of respect for the coach’s choices and the work my team-mates do. And I believe to be part of a group at a big club you have to think that way.

"I’m waiting for my moment. I feel good, and the most important thing is that I’m able to do my part when my time comes. But I feel that everything is going the right way. What counts most now is that Inter can manage to give their all in these remaining 14 games, and we hope we can get to Europe, which is something important for everyone."

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