Erick Thohir: "Crucial to get the balance to the team right"


"We need to increase revenue and adopt healthy financial habits. It's the media that's naming names, I'll only announce players after they've signed"

MILAN – After today's media conference to present Inter's agreement with Infront, president Thohir took some questions from the waiting journalists.

He began by speaking about Inter's future on the back of this new partnership: "I think it's good to have new partners you can believe in, with a new management and a new project, because this is what myself and Mr Moratti believe in. That's why we chose this partner. We need to increase the revenue so that we can compete against the other clubs in the world. We've signed up a lot of partners now, with Nike, with Infront and others, in India, Japan, we're going back to the US. It's good to have people who believe in you on different sides, not just from within."

The president was then asked about the names linked with Inter - Torres, Morata, Hamsik - and how to sign a top player and respect the requirements of Financial Fair Play without selling someone. He explained: "We need to increase the revenue and adopt healthy financial habits. I keep saying it's the media who are saying the names, not me. I'll only announce players when we sign them. It's important for us to understand at this moment which players will stay and which players won't continue. We're not talking about the age or the contracts but we want a team of strong players so that we can compete next season. At the same time we'll add new players. Look at the January transfer window. We had only Jonathan and Nagatomo, that's the reason we brought in D'Ambrosio. The question is do we need another winger? And I think the answer is yes. So we might look for that kind of player. At the back, we signed Vidic because we feel we need a strong leadership. In midfield we'll review things, and even up front we need to review. At the end of the day, how you balance the team is very important."

On Zanetti's future: "Yes, I'm meeting with Zanetti. The meetings have been going on for a couple of months to understand his vision but the decision has already been made actually: he's going to be part of the management. The captain and I also have an understanding that in the last few games it's very important that we get into Europe."

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