Mazzarri: "I’ll give my all for these colours"


"It was a peculiar year. The end of a cycle, as president Thohir said, and also the product of what happened last year. We’ll start strong"

VERONA - "A coach always has to give his all for the club he’s working for. We’ll move forward. We had already reached our objectives before this game today, so I gave playing time to those who had waited on the bench," stated coach Walter Mazzarri to journalists at the Stadio Bentegodi after Chievo v Inter.

"Do we need more players for next season? I’ll discuss that with the club. There’s no sense in doing it now. I always try to take stock of things with my staff, and that also goes for games that don’t have any bearing on the standings. There are always many things you can observe. It was a peculiar season with a lot of things to manage and many peculiar situations. You can’t gather too much information from a game like this.

"Cambiasso? He was always a starter, always played and had a great season. It was there for everyone to see. As for the rest, that comes down to the club’s choices. It’s a choice you have to understand, but I’ve always held him in high regard. There was never any question about that.

"When the season is underway a coach has to work, full stop. Anything else he can say at the end of the season by way of analysing the data, since there’s also more to be said. 

"I’ve never been a coach who sought out contracts. I worked. And then when the time comes to start a new season you have to do it beyond what the contract might involve. Everything has to be clear in a club in order to be able to start strongly. Every coach that wants to transmit his philosophy has to be enthusiastic about it. A contract is the last thing on my mind, and beyond that I’m only interested in talking with the club now. We’ll have several meetings and talk, and then we’ll all be relaxed and happy to start the new season.  

"It seems to me that president Thohir was quite clear: this was an unusual season, and the end of a cycle. This year all the players were model professionals and exceptional in their attitudes. But players on expiring contracts unconsciously think about many things, which as a whole brought us to what we did. 

"As soon as I got to Milan last August people were telling me in the bars, ‘You’re an experienced coach. Let’s at least try to make it to Europe’. And that’s what we did. But this season is also the product of what happened in the last one.

"Not continuing with Inter? I already have a contract. Last year at Napoli mine was set to expire and I had the best season of my career. I wouldn’t change anything if not extend it, because I already have one. Next season I’ll give my all for these colours, beyond any extension."

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