Piero Volpi: "Excited to be back at Inter"


FC Internazionale's chief of medical staff: "It was unexpected but it's definitely exciting to be back"

PINZOLO - Piero Volpi previously worked for the Nerazzurri between 1995 and 2000. Dr. Volpi, FC Internazionale's chief of medical staff, was interviewed by Inter Channel's Nagaja Beccalossi.

Doctor, are you a little emotional coming back to Inter after all these years?
"Absolutely. First of all it was unexpected. After the great experience I had between 1995 and 2000 my career took me down a different road. As I said, it's unexpected but definitely a nice turn of events."

A lot's changed since then. What have you made of the team?
"Football has changed so much in the last 10 years and it will continue to. Just as things develop on the pitch, so we make progress in sports medicine. That said, I've come into a great environment. Our job is to try and work in harmony with the squad and club on every level. We'll endeavour to do our best."

How important is your relationship with the coach, especially with regards to ensuring fitness in pre-season is sustained throughout the season?
"I think it's key because besides professionalism and ability, the levels of which are very high throughout the club, what matters is working in harmony with the group."

Post-World Cup I imagine you need to be extra careful with some players more fatigued than others.
"This is one of the many issues you need to be aware of and analyse. Another important aspect is broadening your knowledge and understanding. This is one of the things that's changing. In the past you started pre-season with 95% of the squad available and you didn't change for the rest of the season. Now there are longer transfer windows. A lot of players take part in the World Cup or European championships and join up late. So you need to be able to gauge their fitness levels to provide the head and fitness coaches with players in good shape. This is vital at the start of the season when players need to build up energy stores."

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