Fassone: "FIGC? We’re on board with many reforms"


Managing director to Sky: "Ausilio has done a great job. This team fights to the end. We believe in Guarin"

MILAN - Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, Nerazzurri managing director Marco Fassone covered topics such as the fans, the team, the transfer market and more.

He began: "My hope is that we'll see many reforms in the coming years, reforms that our club has supported. In the first Federal Council there was a modification made to the rule regarding territorial discrimination, which we had asked for. There are other reforms on the table that we're on board with, such as that of a squad list consisting of 25 players, and again, ownership of second clubs and the 4+4 system that many European teams are already using. We made our intentions clear, but I'm happy to see there's openness to the initiatives. The overall objective here is to change what hasn't been working. Inaction never helps anyone."

Regarding the fans and the warm reception given to the team this season: "We're happy with the fan response in both the Europa League and against Sassuolo. We hope to always see the fans like that and an Inter side that fights to the end. Then the results will come."

And what about president Thohir? "We'll see each other next week for some formal appointments, and hopefully he will see two great matches as well." 

The managing director then went into more detail on Inter's objectives: "It's just as the president stated: to remain in Europe and, in the medium term, get back into Europe's top ten." 

On the stadium: "We would like to see the stadium project become defined and fulfilled. We'll have to choose whether to invest in the renovation of the San Siro or in an entirely new facility."

The transfer market and players: "I'd be lying if I said we already had plans in mind for January. We'll make a move only if it's necessary, but the work Ausilio has done has been excellent. We have a complete squad that works well. If the transfer window were open right now we'd have no need for anything. Icardi? He has a long contract and there are players with shorter contracts compared to his. But we'll hold discussions with him as well. Guarin? We have confidence in him. The coach played him against Sassuolo and that shows we all believe in him. We want to achieve big things."  

And finally, on the future: "The Champions League is certainly in our minds since it was familiar territory for Inter for so many years. That doesn't mean we'll get there right away, but it's certainly an objective for the future," he concluded.

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