Step to it, Brazil!


Fun and the World Cup for Inter Campus in north-east Brazil

ARACOIABA - On the day of Brazil’s first knockout fixture, nothing else was being talked about in Brazil. Football, fans and the World Cup! There's still time to go before the final but we’ve already reached one conclusion. To go far, the talent of individuals is not enough and you need a spirit of sacrifice and team play.

Therefore on the earth pitch in the centre of Aracoiaba in north-east Brazil, we devise a World Cup themed training session in the Inter Campus style. Mutual help, collaboration and team objectives are at the heart of it. The values of sport provide entertainment while underlining the importance of teammates on and off the pith. Taking care of teammates is more than an abstract concept but a necessity in order to complete the drills and reach the objectives together. There are some grimaces on faces while baring the load of some of the heavier friends but they soon turn to smiles. Nobody, not even Neymar, can win on their own. 


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