Keita: "We are aiming high because we are Inter"


The match-winner in Empoli spoke following the game: "We all have to do better and work together to create a better world"

EMPOLI Keita Balde was the match-winner at the Castellani and spoke to Sky Sport and on Facebook following the conclusion of Empoli vs. Inter: “This was a very important victory which we wanted to get at all costs prior to the break. The match went well for us: we didn’t want to drop any points and managed to pick up the win. We are aiming high because we are Inter. We have to win every match irrespective of the opposition. I’m proud to wear these colours, and I think a club like ours should be aiming to win all our matches.

“I expect a lot from myself in terms of performing the best I can. I’m my own worst critic and want to help the team. If I score and provide assists, then great. I consider Koulibaly to be my brother: we play for the same National Team, and I tell him the things that I want to say personally on the phone. Such things most certainly should not be happening in our times: football is wonderful and doesn’t need bad moments and insults tainting it. Football should be enjoyed, it provides hope and brings joy to children. We all have to do better and work together to create a better world.”

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