Some fresh faces among the coaching staff in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires - Within Remedios de Escalada, a tough part of the Argentinian capital, Inter Campus and Fundacíon Pupi are working side by side to offer 75 local children the chance to play football in a safe place. They ensure that the kids are accompanied by coaches and teachers, as they work constantly to help develop the personalities of these young intercampisti.

On this occasion, a new group of coaches/teachers, led by Technical Director Carlos, were on hand to welcome our delegation. This important change in coaches encouraged our technical team of Gabriele Raspelli and Karla Gutierrez to push for a new training structure according to Inter Campus methods This had a specific focus on four areas of a child’s personality.

This mission also saw the renewal of the partnership between Inter Campus and the Fundacíon Grupo London Supply. This was in regard to the project implemented by Puerto Iguazú in the Barrio Primero de Mayo school, which will be the first half of our next mission.

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