10 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Peppino Prisco


Day ten is dedicated to a famous Nerazzurri lawyer

"Inter fans don't need to worry: after many years at this Club, I can confirm that Serie B isn't in our genetic makeup."

He would have turned 98 today. And we’re sure that if he was here today with such a big game just hours away, he’d be coming out with one of his fantastic quips. A quick-witted remark: the best way to ease the tension, to liven up the surroundings, to put everyone in a good mood.

He was a member of the Alpine Corps and a lawyer. Above all, he was an Interista. Peppino Prisco: a man who also served as a sporting director and Inter’s Vice-President from 1963 to 2001. He was admired by all, despite his unwavering love for the Nerazzurri colours. No one was spared from his wicked humour, least of all Inter’s rivals. However, he would always bring about a sincere smile.

Serving on the Russian front remained a part of him. He was also a great legal mind: he revolutionised sporting justice when he got the result of Borussia Moenchengladbach vs. Inter overturned after Boninsegna had famously been struck by a can during the match. His intelligence matched his passion for Inter. There was also warmth in his words, like when he remembered a goal scored by Giacinto Facchetti: “He found the net against Napoli in the middle of the fog and then came looking for me on the touchline to embrace me. It took him three minutes to find me.” Among his most famous quotes: “There are two teams in Milan: Inter and Inter Primavera.”

He passed away on 12 December 2001, two days after turning 80 years old. He remained with us long enough to see Ronaldo get back to goalscoring form, with the Brazilian netting along with Vieri in the Nerazzurri’s 3-1 win over Bresica. Peppino was particularly fond of Ronaldo, something he repeatedly said: “I have a photo of Ronaldo next to one of Meazza on my desk. Previously, a photo of my parents was in the middle, but I removed it. I hope they would understand…”

10 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Peppino Prisco

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