The 14th day looks at one of our former midfielders, directors and the current First Team Technical Manager

«Us midfielders are the ‘gregari’ of football, those who work a lot and often nobody realises how precious our sacrifice was»


Effort, dedication, perseverance and team spirit. A role and attitude that live long in history. Both the history of the Nerazzurri and football as a whole with an example that was set for the younger generations. 

He made 392 appearances for the Nerazzurri, scoring 43 goals as he won the Scudetto twice and Coppa Italia twice. Lively as a spark, he was there in the middle to create and to defend while playing for the team because that’s how he demonstrated his passion, being a key player not just for Inter but also the Italy team that won the 1982 World Cup. 

He’s always been linked to football and the Club from his first meeting with the Inter youth sides at the age of 13 to the current day where he shows the same principles and dedication. 


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