Vecino: "The Derby is a special occasion for me"


The Uruguayan stepped up with another vital goal on Sunday: "We looked at each other in the eyes and came up with something more"

MILAN - Matias Vecino is almost accustomed to it now, tonight scoring what was yet another crucial goal for the Nerazzurri. He is so often the man who steps up at the right moment, as was the case during our 4-2 #DerbyMilano success as he scored our initial equaliser: “The situation was bleak after the first half. We looked at each other in the eyes and told ourselves to come up with something more. The early goal to make it 2-1 helped us turn the match in our favour. 

“The derby is a special occasion for me. I feel the support more than usual and so far this has helped, we want to keep it this way. There are moments in a match when you need a bit of a jolt. Times when you need to be aggressive and send a message. As for making my mark in important matches, I don’t know. There are certain instances where I like to imagine what will happen in a match and then it does.”

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