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Promoting social inclusion in traditional Maison de Jeneus youth centres in Tunis

TUNIS - The Maisons des Jeunes are communal spaces and governmental structures typical of Tunisian culture. They are built to offer youngsters an alternative meeting point, as opposed to just spending time at home or at school. In the north-eastern city of Manouba, which is part of the metropolitan area of Tunis, they are often the only facilities that young Tunisians can turn to when it comes to cultural and recreational activities.

In partnership with the Italian NGO GVC-WeWorld, which acts in protecting the rights of minors and women, we came up with the idea to start a project aimed at helping hundreds of children by promoting social integration and inclusion. To do so, we will rely on five Maison des Jeunes in Manouba and their managers, who also grew up using the facilities themselves. They will follow the path set down by Inter Campus coaches as we strive to hand down the importance of the Right to Play from generation to generation.

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