Sensi: “We’re a tight-knit group and the fans make us feel part of one big family”


The Nerazzurri midfielder answered the fans’ questions sent in on Inter’s social media profiles

MILAN – The video chats with Nerazzurri players continue. Today, Stefano Sensi has virtually opened the doors of his home to answer the many questions sent in by fans on Inter’s social media profiles. The midfielder, exactly one month after the last game played, begun by dwelling on the tricky situation we’re all going through: “A lot has changed since that day, because now obviously everyday life has been disturbed, but we have to stay at home for the common good, it’s a difficult situation that hopefully passes quickly.”

There were several questions about his teammates: “Barella and I got on very well from the start, we knew each other from the National Team, we’re similar ages, and we get along well on and off the pitch; he’s a great player. Overall, I get along well with all my teammates, Brozovic, Barella, Gagliardini, Vecino, Eriksen, Borja Valero, everyone. In general, we’re a close-knit team, a really strong group and I miss them all: if I had to give two names, I’d say Brozovic and Handanovic because we tease each other a lot and get on really well. Who are the nicest? Brozovic, Barella and Lukaku, but everyone’s ready to pull someone’s leg at any time.”

On his most important moments in the Nerazzurri shirt: “When I arrived at Inter, I experienced a strange feeling: from the outside I knew I was joining a top club, due to the team and the people who work there, but once you’re inside you realize that it’s even bigger than you had imagined. That’s mainly due to the fans who are magnificent and make you feel part of one big family. The moments I remember with the strongest feelings are my first goal at San Siro, I still remember the fans’ roar and when they shouted my name I got goosebumps, and then the other time was my entrance onto the pitch in my first league match, I had imagined something like it but seeing the stadium full of black and blue was really impressive. It was also great to play against Barcelona, coming from a smaller team to getting to play at the Camp Nou is incredible, I used to follow Barcelona the most so that was doubly exciting.”

He then talked about his personal growth and Conte’s work: “Starting in pre-season, I trained with different intensity and movements, Conte’s made me grow as a box-to-box midfielder, so I think my improvement this year is down to the Coach.” The injury period? “I didn’t cope that well because an injury is always something negative, especially if it takes as long as I did to recover. Seeing my teammates training and playing while I had to sit in the stands wasn’t as nice as playing but I’m happy that that’s all behind me now.” Mancini and De Zerbi’s influence? “They were both important coaches for me, De Zerbi made me grow a lot, and he gave me confidence in Serie A. While Mancini did the same, he gave me confidence by calling me up to the National Team and that helped me improve.”

There were several questions about the Nerazzurri no.12’s private life: “My favourite singer at the moment is Ultimo: his songs are great, especially the lyrics. I met Giulia in Cesena at drinks and we had two mutual friends. I didn’t want to go, but a friend of mine convinced me and I met her there, so it was fate. We got a panda tattoo together because it was always our symbol, our lucky charm. Since I was a kid, another passion of mine besides football has always been tennis, it’s a sport I follow a lot. As a person, I would define myself as sociable and nice, and as a footballer I prefer not to give myself a definition because I still have to mature a lot and I don’t want to label myself now.”

There was no lack of questions about football idols, dreams and future aims for Sensi: “My favourite ever midfield would be made up of Pirlo, Iniesta and Xavi. Xavi has always been my idol, while Iniesta and Pirlo are also two unreal midfielders.” The Champions League or World Cup? “If I could choose both, of course I would: the Champions League with Inter and the World Cup with the National Team. As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy to have made it this far but I can never lack ambition, so I want to work hard and do more to improve myself.”

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