Inter & Lenovo - Building a digital ecosystem at a football club


Julio Cesar was also involved in a live event where the Nerazzurri's digital path was analysed

MILAN - Inter and Lenovo, the Club's Global Technology Partner, held an interesting live discussion on Lenovo’s LinkedIn account today with one overarching topic: Building Digital Communities. During the conversation, the digital path undertaken by football clubs was analysed in detail. Together with Julio Cesar, one of the Nerazzurri’s Triplete-winning heroes, Massimo Venneri (Head of Innovation Projects & CRM) and Roberto Monzani (Head of Content & Media Platform) spoke about the road Inter have gone down in building a digital ecosystem.

“Football clubs and Inter in particular are gradually positioning themselves as true media companies: content production, which is vital to get fans involved even when matches aren’t taking place, is a focal point. The Nerazzurri’s path is centred around Inter Media House, a true content and media factory within the Club. The connection between content production and the work done by the CRM Team is vital in terms of researching and pinpointing the audience for individual content,” explained Roberto Monzani.

“The cross study of data and the strategy implemented to make the most of said data are aspects of utmost importance, including when it comes to what channels to use. The objective is to offer fans a slick and satisfying experience through all the opportunities that the Club can offer, from entertainment to services. During a journey, there can be different benefits, routes and solutions: our work is to provide all the possible options,” said Massimo Venneri.

Julio Cesar, who spent seven seasons at Inter from 2005 to 2012, added to the discussion by highlighting the evolution that football clubs have undergone on every level in recent years and underlining the great work being done by Inter: “I remain a huge Inter fan, and the work being done by the Club to cement and expand its fan community is extraordinary. You only have to consider how much content is offered in various languages: from Brazil to China, there are millions of Nerazzurri fans located throughout the world.”


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