Inter hit 25 million fans on Facebook


A huge milestone for the Club’s official page on the social media site

MILAN - Innovation, development and an ever-improving relationship with our fans. Today, Inter’s Facebook page celebrated hitting 25 million followers, with an increase of 71% in the 2019/20 season alone. 

A result reached thanks to well-planned, strategic, high quality and simply more content, which has generated 135 million video views and over 35 million interactions this season alone.

The Club’s main objective remains to reach the highest number of fans spread across the world possible - with most of the Club’s fans based in Asia and South America (excluding Italy) - giving them the chance to follow Inter and the team through original content in line with the Club’s core values.

This milestone hit on Facebook has been accompanied by the numerical and strategical growth of all of the Club’s other digital platforms, which in the last year have seen exponential growth and a continued desire to pursue new paths, all in order to offer the best experience possible to our Nerazzurri fans across the globe.

So to all 25 million of you out there: thank you!

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