Marotta: “No excuses but VAR must be used”


The Nerazzurri’s Sport CEO after Inter 2-2 Parma: “We’re all pro-technology, but if VAR is only partially used then frustration arises”

MILAN - Following Inter’s 2-2 draw with Parma, the Nerazzurri’s Sport CEO Giuseppe Marotta said this to Sky: “My intervention isn’t a means of giving excuses because to win matches you need to stick the ball in the back of the net and our performance wasn’t the best, but our Coach will discuss this. Having said that, it is my job to highlight certain incidents from the past six matches, especially given now is the only opportunity to do so.

“There is a legal and regulatory vacuum in the sense that VAR only intervenes in cases of clear and obvious mistakes. However, this doesn’t mean that mistakes should follow one after another. There was a clear penalty today in our favour, so either the referee spots it or VAR should be used. If VAR is only partially used, then frustrating situations arise. 

“The technology can’t eradicate mistakes entirely but it must limit them and this is a classic case where it should have been used. The entire world of football is in favour of using technology. Highlighting the penalty incident between Balogh and Perisic is only normal, but I am not here to complain. Even during the game against Benevento there was a clear penalty that wasn’t given. We’re not giving excuses but we need increased levels of dialogue between the directors and the referees. I say this with maximum serenity. It would create less tension and it would help the referees.”

To conclude, Marotta also discussed Inter’s tough start to the season: “We’re going through a difficult spell, for many reasons. It will be a long season and we must now build on this game, even if we would not have taken this result before the game.”

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