Inter Campus and the UEFA Foundation continue their involvement in Africa


Angola, Cameroon, Congo and Uganda: the team is ready to develop resilience

MILAN - "Buongiorno! Good morning! Bom dia! Bonjour!" is how each meeting begins with the representatives of each of the four African projects. One may see a diverse set of languages and idioms which all are brought together and united by football and the Nerazzurri colours. The project, which started in January with the collaboration of the UEFA Foundation for Children, currently continues its work remotely. Following on from the Inter Campus teaching methodology, a new manual will be developed on the theme of sport and resilience, with particular attention to Africa and the needs of the local communities involved.

For this reason, the active involvement of our local contacts and coaches will be crucial. They will help us to put the theory into practice in cities like Luanda, Douala, Yaoundè, Lubumbashi or in the small villages of Dondo and Naggalama.

The team consists of Gouveia, Songue and Paito for Angola; Francis, Roger and Thomas for Cameroon; Gabriele, Auguy and Maguy for Congo; Josephine, Michael and Peter for Uganda. They are ready for a new, stimulating adventure, which, although it was initially planned as a physical project and has since been converted into a long-distance dialogue (owing to the inability to travel), will still lead them to discover new cultures and to confront social issues related to the development of hundreds of children.

It will also be a discovery for us, one made of precarious network connections and videos with low quality definition; however, it will be no less charged with meaning and human closeness.

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