Evelin and Yane, both 12-year-old Brazilian girls, have excelled through sport

Scholarships for two Inter Campus girls
Scholarships for two Inter Campus girls

NATAL – From the small village of Maracajau to a prestigious school in Natal. This is how it’s gone for Evelin and Yane, who, thanks to their dedication and sports activities, have received two scholarships to study at a private institution in the city. Football and education: a combination that has always characterised Inter Campus and one which has led these two girls, who we know well, down this path.  They’ve always been curious and bright-eyed with smiles on their faces. Yane and Evelin will now attend a good school which their families, who wouldn’t have been able to afford the costs, won’t have to play for.

Credit goes to the coach, whose training sessions really did stimulate development, and the Fundação Vida in Pititnga, a local partner of Inter Campus. However, our compliments go to the girls. They can now make the most of this great opportunity, study as hard as possible and become an example to their peers. Of course, a few training matches now and again wouldn’t hurt either!

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