de Vrij on the Scudetto: "Reaping the rewards of these years of work"


The Dutch defender's joy over winning the Scudetto

APPIANO GENTILE - A man of measured words, Stefan de Vrij. Just like his tackling: targeted, precise, and effective. The Scudetto victory is a profound joy for the Dutch centre back, as he recalls to the microphones of SportMediaset.

What are the main feelings of this period?

"We are very happy, we are reaping the rewards of all these years of work and finally we’re lifting a trophy".

How hard was this season?

"It has been a long season, but we have faced it with a great desire to win, so the satisfaction is great".

What were the most difficult and decisive moments?

“Against Sassuolo on the road we changed something tactically, we regained consistency, and everyone worked to their best. The main disappointment was certainly the elimination from the Champions League, but now we’re only thinking of this wonderful triumph”.

You’re the best defence...
“We have one game left, it’s definitely a team goal: from Sassuolo onwards we have conceded less, we have been much better”.

Are you already thinking about next season?

“We’ve been working together for a long time, we’re ambitious, and we want to continue growing together: We are a good group”.

“He is a very important part of our group, you can see his impact. He gave us the desire to win, we’ve always prepared well for our matches”.

Have you got your eyes on the Euros?
“Now we want to finish the season well, then I’ll concentrate on the European Championships”.

The match against Juventus...

“We went there to win, obviously there’s some disappointment, but in reality we’re just very happy for the Scudetto we won”.

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