The best goal celebrations from a fantastic Nerazzurri season


From the pre-planned to the spontaneous: video shows Inter's best 2020/21 goal celebrations

Arms aloft. Running hard. Screams of joy. Embraces. Knee-sliding. Sending kisses. What happens after a goal is scored? There are those who practice celebrations, those who prepare something with a team-mate and those who are spontaneous in the moment. 101 Inter goals this season, 101 different ways of celebrating. Champions Inter went through many emotions this year, which once again ended with more than 100 goals scored (here is the video of our 101 goals )

The celebrations that characterised this year for the Nerazzurri are all contained in the video found at the bottom of this article. There is a mix of different heartfelt group hugs, like those after Darmian’s goals against Cagliari and Verona or the one after the Derby victory over Milan. 

Then there are many LU-LA moments: Lukaku and Lautaro, so often goal-scorers, especially having been assisted by one another. With the ball in the net, the famous “shotgun” gesture towards each other comes out to play. Romelu actually recently explained the origins of the gesture in an interview: “The celebration came about because I play Call of Duty and PUBG. One evening, I invited Lautaro to play … but I told him quite soon to stop because, let’s put it this way, it isn’t his forte! That’s where our celebration was born.”

There is also footage of Darmian running with his arms aloft and then doing a knee-slide, awaiting his team-mates’ embrace. There are Skriniar’s kisses, very sweet, after his crucial goals. Let’s also not forget D’Ambrosio’s Spiderman, a celebration born out of him playing with his children in his living-room. 

We get to see Hakimi too: his “phone calls” after scoring, as well as Lautaro’s dancing and some funny gags featuring Lukaku, Lautaro and Sanchez. From stuff prepared on the pitch to special salutes, there was no lack of entertainment after the Nerazzurri’s goals this season. 

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