Inter Campus Lebanon organises Tripoli tournament visit


Girls from the Shatila refugee camp took the black and blue of Inter to Tripoli

BEIRUT – One of the primary objectives of the Inter Campus project, aside from restoring the right to play to children living in adverse social situations, is to create stable, trusted relationships with parents and families.

This is a fundamental part of the educational side of our mission – to allow young people to grow and develop through play while sharing sporting values.

Thanks to these strong relationships with parents, the coaches at Inter Campus Lebanon were able to organise a wonderful day for girls from the Shatila refugee camp, who took part in the second edition of the Tripoli women’s tournament – wearing the black and blue of Inter, of course.

The event was not just an opportunity for the girls to have some fun – but it was also a rare chance to leave the Shatila camp for Palestinian refugees behind and get away from a place where no child should ever have to reside.

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